Coronavirus Covid-19 Emergency Message

Important Notice for Coronavirus COVID-19

What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus

The Health Plan has established a Disaster and Emergency Declaration policy in accordance with state and related regulations.


How your benefits will work

What will my Freedom Health benefits cover for services related to COVID-19 testing and care?

Your Freedom Health plan will cover the care you get if you’re diagnosed as having COVID-19. For those who have a fully insured, individual Medicare plan, it’ll also waive your out-of-pocket expenses for the focused test used to diagnose COVID-19.  You can call the number on the back of your identification card to confirm coverage.

You'll pay any other out-of-pocket expenses your plan requires related to COVID-19, unless otherwise determined by state law or regulation. 


How much will a COVID-19 test cost me?

It shouldn't cost you anything if you receive a test from the Centers for Disease Control or if you have a fully insured Medicare plan.


I’m worried about running out of my medication. What can I do?

We know how important it is to continue taking your prescriptions as directed by your doctor. If you are worried about having enough of your prescribed medication on hand, and your Freedom Health plan allows for a 90-day supplies of prescriptions, this is a great time to think about changing any prescription medicines you take on a regular basis from a 30-day supply. If you don’t have a prescription for a 90-day supply, talk to your doctor to see if a 90-day supply would work for you. You can even get them through home delivery pharmacy. If you have specific questions about the medicine you take, call the pharmacy services number on your member ID card.


If there’s an epidemic, how will you ensure that the doctors in my plan can still provide care?

Freedom Health is committed to making sure you can get the care you need. We’re working closely with the doctors and other health care professionals in our plans to prepare for more calls and visits. If your doctor isn’t available for some reason, we’ll help you find alternate care. Login to the Member Portal and search for a doctor, or call the Member Services number on your ID card.


For more information, check the CDC website for up-to-date details and recommendations about COVID-19.

Last updated 02/01/2021