Important Notice for CMS Interoperability

What is CMS Interoperability?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has mandated the Interoperability and Patient Access final rule (CMS-9115-F). This rule empowers patients, by giving them secure access to their health information. This is great news for our members.   

Please go to the CMS website to learn more about CMS interoperability.

How does CMS Interoperability work for me?

Freedom Health Plan has partnered with Change Healthcare, a leading healthcare technology company, to offer you a new healthcare management tool – Connected Consumer Health™. With this tool, you can access the following health information: explanation of benefits and connect to your fitness and health apps. More features such as find care providers, medication information and health profiles are coming soon.

There is no cost to join Connected Consumer Health™. It is voluntary and only takes a few minutes to register.

If you are interested in joining Connected Consumer Health™, please call Member Services to get your unique invitation code. This code is required for you to initiate the registration process.

Connected Consumer Health™ (CCH) Registration – Step-by-step guide


Step 1 - Call Member Services to obtain invitation code.


Step 2 - Go to the website: Change HealthCare.


Step 3 - Click ‘Enroll’ button.

Step 3: Click ENROLL button.
A screenshot of Step 3, where user needs to click on the enroll button.


Step 4 - Enter your invitation code as shown below and then click the ‘NEXT’ button.

Step 4: Enter your invitation code.
A screenshot of Step 4, where user needs to enter the 6-digit invitation code. Contact Freedom Health for assistance with any invitation code issues.


Step 5 - Enter your personal information as shown below and click the ‘NEXT’ button. Note: MBI is your Medicare Beneficiary Identifier. You can find this number on your Medicare card.

Step 5: Enter your personal information.
A screenshot of Step 5, where user needs to confirm personal information, including Member ID along with last 4 characters of Medicare Beneficiary Identifier, birthday (2-digits for the month, 2-digits for the day and 4-digists for the year) and zip code.


Step 6 - Choose your preferred mobile phone number and click ‘SEND CODE’ button. You will a receive a one-time unique code via text message. Enter your identity verification code as shown below and click ‘NEXT’. If you cannot receive text message at any of the phone numbers found on your account, please call Change Healthcare customer support number displayed above the ‘Send Code’ button. An agent will verify your member ID, Date of Birth and full address and provide a one-time unique code.

Step 6: A one-time unique code is needed to continue. This code is send via text message.
A screenshot of Step 6, where user selects preferred mobile number and clicks “send code” to receive one-time 6-digit unique code. Once user receives text with unique code, user inputs unique code on this screen.


Step 7 - Choose one of your existing email addresses or enter a new email and click ‘SEND CODE’ button. You will a receive a one-time unique code via email. Enter your email address verification code and click ‘NEXT’. A sample of the email is also shown below.

Step 7: A one-time unique code is needed to continue. This code is send via email.
A screenshot of Step 7, where user receives message indicating identity confirmed. User is then asked to select email address (or enter one) to receive a 6-digit unique code for next step of registration process.
Step 7: Sample of email received.
A second screenshot for Step 7, sample email that user will receive with verification code.


Step 8 - Enter a unique password and click the ‘Save Password’ button.

Step 8: Enter a unique password.
A sample screenshot of Step 8, where user is asked to create a unique password for account. Password must be a minimum of 8 characters, both upper- and lower-case letters, at least one number, and one special character.


Step 9 - Registration is now completed.


Step 10 - Next time, please click the ‘Sign in with Change Healthcare’ button to login to the CCH portal.

Step 10: Sign in with Change Healthcare button to login.
A screenshot of Step 10, where user should click on the “Sign in with Change Healthcare” button to log into the Change Healthcare portal.

Click ‘Sign in with Change Healthcare’ button and login with the registered email and password.

You will need to read and agree to the “Terms & Conditions” and the “Privacy Policy” and click ‘Next’ to proceed.

Congratulations, you are now logged in and ready to use your Connected Consumer Health Portal. Please note that once successfully registered, it will take approximately 12 hours for the system to gather and display Health Profile data.

Please use the Connected Consumer Health Portal guide to navigate the portal features.

We hope that you will take advantage of this tool.

For further assistance with the registration process, please contact Member Services at 1-800-401-2740 (TTY: 711). From October 1 to March 31, we are open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. From April 1 to September 30, we are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.

Last updated 10/01/2023