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Freedom Rings is a quarterly publication that keeps our members in the know with the latest news and information our health plan can offer.

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≻ CARENET Health: Clinical Support in the comfort of your Home

≻ Do your Part to learn how to Protect Yourself

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≻ The earlier the Better: Colon Cancer Screening

≻ Loose Weight, Gain Health and Wellness

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≻ Clearing up the Myths about Cardiovascular Disease

≻ Medicare Fraud and Identity Theft

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≻ Getting to Know Your ID Card

≻ It’s That Time of Year Again, Allergy Season!

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The 2022 Hurricane season officially begins on June 1st, running through November 30th. Freedom Health and Optimum HealthCare has compiled the following information so you are ready with all preparations.

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≻ I Spy Sodium

≻ Protect Yourself

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Last updated 03/01/2023